develops and manufactures a wide range of components
and value-
solutions for the whirlpool and SPA

The company combines leading edge technology and design with the

objective of intelligent and ergonomic management of your special

areas of relaxation.

Our motto -

quality, punctuality and innovation...

for customers' satisfaction!



Electronics is the most strategic part of an hydro-massage bath. Highly focused in this field, Valantis provides one of the largest range of products for the balneotherapy, with attractive panels, keypads or buttons, as well as chromotherapy RGB lights systems and controls.

As the products are designed inside the company, customers have the chance to talk directly with our engineers to customize the products exactly upon their requirements. For example, its quite easy for us to modify a software to get the best efficiency of a pump, a blower, an heater or any other regulation functions.

And this proximity is also the insurance to get the right product at a competitive wellness market price.

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